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Aconcept Policy


Currently, AConcept applies 02 types of warranty: Direct warranty and electronic warranty. The Company's warranty policy is applied as follows:

- Direct warranty: Contact AConcept at hotline 028 7302 1168 (Ho Chi Minh) or 024 3932 9696 (Hanoi) to report the need for warranty

- Electronic warranty: Visit https://baohanh.aconcept-vn.com/, select warranty claim, then enter your phone number or order code to request warranty

● Warranty conditions :

- Furniture products covered by warranty include: Tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, sofas, shelves,... and not including decorative products.

- 12 months free warranty from the date of delivery. Applies to cases of technical defects in the production process.

- In case the product has a problem, depending on the status, the processing time is from 1-3 days from the date of receiving the information.

- You should not repair the product yourself, but immediately report it to Aconcept Technical department at phone number: 028 7302 1168

After the warranty period, if you have any requests or questions, please contact Aconcept to solve the problems encountered.

● Cases not covered by warranty:

- Damage caused by improper use or improper storage of the product according to the manufacturer's instructions.

- Product wear and tear during use due to time such as natural fading or aging of painted surfaces, fabrics, leather, mattresses... Including cases of scratches, peeling, tearing, cracks, subsidence nature... of these surfaces.

- Products out of warranty period.

- The products have changed texture compared to the original.

- Products without warranty card or valid purchase invoice.

- Products are broken, broken, scratched, mechanically deformed due to user's fault.

- Customers arbitrarily repair products without reporting to the company.

- External environmental impacts such as dampness, termites, rats, waterlogging, high temperature.

If you have any questions, please contact AConcept for answers:


+ Head office: 702/1K Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+ Phone: 028 7302 1168

+ Email: info@aconcept-vn.com

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