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For spaces that need closeness and friendliness like the living room, the Nordic - Scandianvian style will be the right choice. Famous for their simplicity and utility, designs in this style, especially for urban housing, also pay great attention to versatility and versatility in products. A Nordic living room is always open with natural light and air circulation, using harmonious colors, delicate lines and promoting nature in materials and images. The layout of space is also moderate, "use less, get more" and do not force it according to fixed standards.

At the same time, in necessary cases, the items can also be easily transformed to meet the needs of use. The increasingly popular appearance of the sofa bed in the living room is a concrete example of this trend.


Warm and safe, the designs specifically for the bedroom introduced by AConcept are always a favorite of homeowners. Most of the bed products are covered with soft and airy fabrics, such as hugging and soothing to sleep. Designers from Northern Europe have created bed models that "understand" the user's feelings, with exceptional spaciousness, elegant lines and the comfort of the material surface when in contact.

Other bedroom furniture products do not compete with the "main character" but focus on functionality and compactness. Instead of cumbersome details or massive in size, the models of tables, bedside cabinets, desks in the bedroom ... tend to be minimalist, easy to coordinate with many space styles.




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