Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Free warranty service covers a that have productions and technocal problems. Accessories such as lamps, rugs and decorative products are not under warranty.
  • Warranty period: 12 months from the date of delivery and installation.
  • Depending on the problems, it takes 1-3 days to resolve from the notification date. If the product requires replacement, re-upholstery… it might take longer time. Customers should notify AConcept Techinal team once the problem happens and are not recommended to get the products repaired by themselves. Contact details:
    • Ho Chi Minh: (028) 3930 3207 (Mr.Vinh)
    • Ha Noi: (024) 3932 9696 (Mr.Vinh)
  • After the warranty period, if you have any requests or questions, please contact AConcept for further information and/or service.


Cases not covered by warranty:

  • Products damaged due to improper use or storage of products.
  • The natural wear and tear during use by customers over time, such as natural fading or aging of surfaces, fabrics, leather, mattresses, etc., including cases of scratches, peeling, tearing, cracking, settlement ... of these surfaces (paint, fabric, leather, PU, mattress ...)
  • Changes of texture compared to the original due to time and usage.
  • Products without a warranty card or a valid purchase invoice.
  • Products got repaired or restructured by customer and not AConcept technician.
  • Products are damaged by termites or insects… from the surrounding environment during the usage.
  • Product damaged by flood or similar incidents or by strong heat/fire…


See details in the warranty book below: